Privacy Policy

Child Release:

Children age 9 to 17 may be released to a specific location with parental approval. Example: Patrick is 14 and wants to be dropped off at Park West Movie Theater to meet his friends.

Children 6 to 8 years old are released to an authorized person, not a location. Example: Victoria is 8 and needs a ride from home to soccer practice. She would be released to a specific person or coach upon arrival.

Home is an exception. No person need be listed for drop offs at the child’s home. We will ensure the child enters the house before we leave. Example: Caroline is 12 years old, is picked up at basketball practice at Bond Park and is released to home.

Child Escort Policy Walking a child into the school or activity incurs an additional $2 fee.

It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure that the “release to” person is present at the ride drop off location.

General Policies:

  • Client must cancel within 24 hours for a refund.
  • For your children’s safety, only minors are transported.
  • All pick-up/drop off locations will be pre-arranged.
  • Passengers must wear seat belts at all times.
  • Children ride in the rear seats only.
  • Cell phone use by passengers is permitted as long as it is not disruptive to the driver.
  • Passengers must obey driver instructions.
  • Please ask your children to be ready at time of pick up.